Alpaca mindfulness and wellbeing visits

Relaxation, stimulation, connection, emotional well being and enjoyment for children, adults and older people, and those with additional needs in Devon

Being with animals can help alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety. The gentle nature of our alpacas lends itself perfectly to enabling communication, the development of empathy and the building of self esteem. Our Alpaca Assisted Activities provide the perfect opportunities for motivational, educational, recreational and therapeutic benefits that enhance quality of life through a ‘meet and greet’ that can take place at your nursing home, school, hospital, community centre or office anywhere in Devon.


Who would benefit from time with alpacas?

The simple answer to that question is everyone! We offer Alpaca Experiences throughout the year and we can honestly say everyone who has spent time with our alpacas has left happier, content, relaxed and totally in love with our animals!

We take particular pride in how our alpacas can help people who ‘nothing else works for’, those who won’t engage, who are disruptive or disinterested, withdrawn, anxious or lonely. Our animals also bring great pleasure to people with shortened life expectancy, those recovering from operations, people with additional needs, and older people in care and nursing home situations. We can even visit your office to help reduce stress and build a happier team spirit! In short everyone can benefit from time spent with these beautiful, gentle animals.  


What can we offer?

Our flexible approach means we can offer a full range of services to suit individuals, groups, schools, workplaces, nursing homes and organisations supporting people with additional needs, those who are vulnerable or people struggling with life issues. In short, if you believe animals can help, we are more than happy to support you.

Our focus is on emotional well-being through contact with
our alpacas, connecting with the animals, enjoying their entertaining and gentle nature. The conversation normally flows freely even from the quietest of individuals, as the alpacas provide such wonderful talking points. We can also bring along a variety of alpacas products from raw fleece through to finished products to add further sensory dimensions to the experience.

For those who would like to visit us we also offer Alpaca Experiences around our beautiful farm on the slopes of southern Dartmoor.  

Our group sessions are perfect for people who just want to enjoy being with the animals, relaxing in
their field, taking photographs, painting, reading, meditating or just ‘being’ in the moment.

Please get in touch for further information, we will be happy to discuss your individual needs and circumstances

or 07936400124