Adopt an Alpaca

 A perfect gift for those who have everything, suitable for all ages. We offer an alpaca adoption package that makes a great present to open on it's own or with a voucher for an alpaca walk, farm tour or cream tea experience -

The adoption pack : £30

  • An adoption certificate

  • Photograph of your chosen alpaca

  • An alpaca toy

  • A sample of their fleece

  • Quarterly electronic newsletter for 12 months

  • A greetings card from your adopted alpaca (birthday, anniversary, Christmas or other special occasion)

Please note that the items in the pack are subject to availability and dependent on your chosen alpaca

For more information or group visits please contact us. Each meet and greet will last an hour, an experience will last for about two hours. Prior booking is essential to avoid disappointment. Please contact us with your requirements.

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Adopt an alpaca - which one?

Please let us know which alpaca you would like to adopt.  We have a variety of alpacas to chose from, whether you prefer black, white, brown or fawn; boy or girl; long eye lashes or singing alpacas.  We cannot promise that you will be able to walk your alpaca when you visit but we have lots of other alpacas who will love to meet you, especially if you have their favourite treat. 


Hello my name is Nala. 
I was born in Lakemoor's Lion King year.
This year I have enjoyed walking around the farm with my friends and seeing the beautiful views of Dartmoor.
I am very friendly, love tickles on my neck, and if you are very lucky I might come and give you an alpaca kiss (a gentle sniff and tickle with my whiskers). I also love carrots and leaving grass hanging out of my mouth for later!


Hello, my name is Bonnie. I joined Lakemoor Alpacas in 2016, with my first Lakemoor baby, Eclipse. Since then I have had three babies - Butterscotch, Nube and Skyfall who is my latest cria (baby alpaca).

I love to sing whilst having my hair and nails done, and also love to have treats like carrots but am a little timid. 

I am a pure white, with a lovely fine fleece.

Stawberry Fields

Hello, my name is Strawberry - Strawberry Fields.  I was born in 2020, Lakemoor Alpacas 'Bond' year with my best friend Moneypenny.

I am friendly although a little shy at times.  If you are lucky, I may come over and take a carrot from your hand.

I visited The Devon County Show in 2021 with my Mum Ulaya and friends Moneypenny, Usla, and Nala.  I had a great time trying alpaca agility and meeting lots of people. 


Hello, my name is Ulaya and I joined Lakemoor Alpacas in 2018 with my best friend Usla because they were increasing their females and colours.

They chose me because I am very pretty and unusual along with my interesting fleece.

My first cria, a beautiful girl named Strawberry Fields was born in Lakemoor's 'Bond' year.

I am good on the halter, like being tickled on the neck and I am very friendly.  I have very long eyelashes and like carrots.

I love to go on walks and explore outside my field.  In 2021 I found a new talent, alpaca agility, at The Devon County Show.  It was great fun weaving between poles and jumping. 


Hello my name is Usla, I joined Lakemoor alpacas in 2018 with my best friend Ulaya because they were increasing their females and colours.

I won a 1st place rosette at my first show in North Devon.

I am good on the halter, like being tickled on the neck and being the centre of attention. I also love carrots.

In the alpaca world I am classed as a true black because of my fleece colour.  I am one of the three black alpacas in Lakemoor’s herd.

I love to go on alpaca walks with my friends and explore the farm, with it's wonderful views across Dartmoor.


Hello, my name is Butterscotch because of my fleece colour, but you can call me Scotty.  I was born a Lakemoor Alpaca in 2017 from my mum, Bonnie.

I have been to two shows – Devon County Show and The Cornwall Camelid Show in 2018. At The Devon County Show I won a first and a reserve champion, however at The Cornwall Camelid Show I won a first and champion!

I am one of Lakemoor's stud males, and am now father to two beautiful baby girls, Strawberry Fields and Moneypenny.


Hello, my name is Thunderball, I was born in Lakemoors Bond year. 

In 2021 I loved meeting visitors to our farm for the first time, and was very popular as I love carrots. 

I have a black fleece which turns to chocolate brown in the sun.

My best friend is called Skyfall, we both love running around and playing. 

Once you have decided which alpaca you would like to adopt, please email us with the name and address of the person you would like to receive the adoption pack, the special occasion and date, and their email address(if known).